Market sale support 

This Rozvytok’s service includes the following:

I. Rozvytok proposes to organize first visits of Client sale and business development experts to Ukraine/FSU with organized there meetings with top management of potential customers and partners. Rozvytok proposes to make a selection of several local partners per country, those partners should provide all or majority of investments at local level. Partnership agreements with them should guarantee to Client possibility to sell and support selected services directly as well.

II. Effective and durable Direct and channel sale structure arrangement for Ukraine/FSU
- Delivery of basic legal documents which establish rules in the related sphere, including: Telecommunication Law, Licenses Law, State Telecommunication Committee orders, Current Tariffs Regulation, recommended by government forms of International Agreements;

- Description of: International Agreements Insurance Problems, Risks During Implementation of Agreements with regional Partners, Insurance from the risk in the market, Insurance companies, Binding International Arbitration, Dispute Settlement, Recommendation of short list of legal companies to serve Client and the price structure for their services, Certification of Telecommunication Equipment, Taxation, Free Trade Zones, Import/Export documentation, Legal Check of Possible Partners, Standard TelCo sales cycle duration in country.

- Competitive analyses and contacts of the key players/customers, structure of the ownership of the main players/customers in Ukraine/FSU;

- Partners business potential;

- Market demand and vendors offers;

- Market demand and offer for the Client’s products/services at the market;

- What services are implemented, are planned and offered, main vendors;

- Passing to the Client sales office contacts to the potential customers and partners;

- Participation together with Clients at the meetings with potential customers and partners in order to implement smooth relationship transition to Client Sales Office.