Equipment lease (Financial services from Rozvytok) 

The Equipment Lease Service covers the installation, configuration, maintenance and 24-hour permanent management of the equipment at the customer site. A further advantage of the service is that as the equipment and the telecommunications services are sized by the same service provider, the full system can be more accurately tailored to individual requirements and to the users' environment.

When employing Equipment Lease Service, you can be assured that the configuration and permanent management of equipment participating in data-communication are carried out by experienced and licenced service provider, with recognized professional efficiency and years of professional experience.

Such service helps to the customer to avoide CAPEX limitations, allows to avoide delivery and customs problems, and improves overal control on the telecommunication service.

Rozvytok has developed special delivery procedures for the equipment of such vendors as: Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel-Lucent, CheckPoint, Watson, Asotel etc. which ensure good prices, delivery and maintenance time.