Data Transmission 

For corporate clients and telecommunication operators Rozvytok implements projects on constructing and leasing of digital dedicated channels with transmission capacityfrom 64Kbps to 1Gbps and more.

PLC clear dedicated channel

PLC (Private Leased Circuit) dedicated data transfer channels are "clear" dedicated channels designed for construction of reliable and protected corporate networks with guaranteed channel capacity on local, national or international scale. The service is provided on the basis of TDM/SDH transport network. Dedicated non-switched point-to-point channels with usage of TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) technology are created. Client’s offices are connected to the ports of fiber network via synchronous local channels with guaranteed channel capacity. The connection is managed all along and can be varied flexibly according to the client's requirement. We especially recommend this service to our partners who wish to create reliable, safe and cost-effective data transmission links between remote sites.
PLC service is available in an extremely broad bandwidth range, and can be tailored to the clients' requirements really flexibly, thus it is able to provide the conditions of undisturbed operation in the cases of small, medium as well as large bandwidth requesting applications. The fast and problem free adaptation to changing customers' requirements is also due to flexible application. The service is centrally managed all along. 

Main characteristics
- compatibility with various vendors’ equipment;

- quick equipment tuning and configuration;

- the service is available in V.35/X.21 and G.703 interfaces;

- speeds are divisible by nx64 Kbps – 2048Kbps, 45Mbps, 155Mbps and more;

- PLC services are protocol independent and can carry voice, data, video and Layer 2 or Layer 3 traffic;

- planned availability: yearly 99,7%-99,99% (technology dependent);

- other services: 7*24*365 network management; 7*24*365 Hotline service; trouble ticketing, service reports.