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1 April 2024


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12 December 2023

Rozvytok LLC became a sponsor of the IV International Scientific and Practical Forum "Effective Governance and Education of Integrity in the Security and Defense Sector" on the BITEC (Building integrity training and educational center) platform.
The goals of the event were the development of the integrity education system in the security and defense sector of Ukraine, the exchange of experience and the development of recommendations for the development and implementation of a unified educational program for the education of integrity in the system of education and professional development of representatives of the security and defense sector of Ukraine.

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27 November - 1 December 2023

Rozvytok LLC became a sponsor of the first hackathon on education of integrity and prevention of corruption in the security and defense sector of Ukraine on the BITEC (Building integrity training and educational center) platform.
The event was organized by a group consisting of representatives from the National Defense University of Ukraine, the Department for the Prevention and Detection of Corruption of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Directorate of Digital Transformation of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, and the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in partnership with representatives of the NATO Integrity Education Program, the BI Program of the Great Defense Academy Britain, the Center for Integrity in the Defense Sector (CIDS) at the Ministry of Defense of Norway.

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In connection with the large-scale invasion of Ukraine by the armed forces of the russian federation and the imposition of martial law on the entire territory of Ukraine, Rozvytok LLC is actively helping our Defenders to defend the sovereignty and integrity of the country:
31 August 2022

Rozvytok LLC team handed over two cars (Nissan X-Trail and Hyundai Santa FE) to the 25th separate airborne brigade of Ukraine.

8 August 2022

Rozvytok LLC team handed over telecommunications equipment (Router MikroTik RouterBOARD RB4011iGS and five Router MikroTik RB951Ui-2HnD) to the 67th separate rifle battalion.

24 July 2022

Rozvytok LLC team handed over the car (Toyota RAV-4) to the 25th separate airborne brigade of Ukraine.


25 May 2022

Rozvytok LLC team handed over portable radio stations (3 x Motorola DP3400 and Motorola DP3600) to the 25th separate airborne brigade of Ukraine.

September 2017

The leadership and personnel of the Military Institute of Telecommunications and Informatization expressed their sincere thanks for helping to improve the material and technical base of the Department of Automated Management Systems to the Commercial Director Oleg Bobovnik and Director Hanna Ostapyuk.


July 2017

For fruitful cooperation, material and technical support of the University and on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Information and Computing Center, the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University announced its thanks to Oleg Bobovnikov and Rozvytok LLC team.


March 2015

For active social position and aid to Ukrainian army Rozvytok LLC team received a large number of letters of thanks from participants of ATO:

The Сharter from command and personnel of the 12 motoinfantry battalion for Rozvytok LLC team 

Gratitude from command and personnel of the 12 motoinfantry battalion to Oleh Dmytrovych Bobovnikov

Gratitude for material and financial assistance in the acquisition of communication means that are needed for  military personnel  in the ATO area for Rozvytok LLC team in the face of Bobovnikov Oleh Dmytrovych

Gratitude for personal initiative and manifested weighty assistance military personnel 93 separate Guards Mechanized Brigade, for Rozvytok LLC team in the face of Bobovnikov Oleh Dmytrovych

Honorary diploma for the patriotism, dedication, unindifference and support for Ukrainian army for Director of Rozvytok LLC Ostapyuk Hanna Mykolayivna

January 2015

Rozvytok LLC donated in Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University three (3) telecommunication racks (H x W x D: 220sm x 59sm x 59sm). The introduction of new equipment will increase productivity university network, improve and greatly optimizes the educational process of students.

Rozvytok LLC with satisfaction continues to provide comprehensive assistance and take an active part in the life of the Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University

24 August 2014

Rozvytok LLC Team congratulates all partners and compatriots with 23rd anniversary of Independence of Ukraine!

August 2014

Rozvytok's Commercial Director Oleh Bobovnikov received letter of thanks from the 1st deputy Commander of Communication Troops of the Ukrainian Army, colonel Rapko. Letter is about Oleh's active public position and logistical support provided to soldiers of the Ukrainian army.

July 2014
Rozvytok sends medical kits for the Ukrainian soldiers who are fighting at the front line with Russian aggressors.

Rozvytok’s material assistance (4 mobile phones Samsung I9190 Galaxy S4 Mini), for the military unit.


Rozvytok actively expressing their social position and financially helps in ensuring the necessary materials for fighters who are fighting for the integrity and the unitarty of the independent Ukraine
in the war with fascist Russia. To view more photos click here.

Letter of thanks from civil organization "
Kyiv Self-defense" for financing purchases of body armor and army vests for the military in the area of ​​ATO.

Thanks from the volunteer organization for the army vests purchase to Battalion "Aydar" and the 12th battalion of the territorial defense "Kyiv".

February 2014
Rozvytok took an active part in the struggle of the Ukrainian people against the regime of Yanukovych and advocated for European integration of Ukraine.

For the purposes of the tent city that was the stronghold of Evromaydan, for people who were not sparing neither themselves nor theirs health in the winter time, Rozvytok has provided weekly assistance in the form of warm clothing, shoes, medical supplies, telecommunications equipment, and many other necessities. To view more photos click here.


December 2012

Rozvytok LLC was the founder of Halyny Novozhenets edition Painting. Publisher: BaK company, Lviv, 2013.

"With my personal vision of colour and design in painting I put a stake in the ground to mark the geographical place where I live paint..."
Halyna Novozhenets

Halyna Novozhenets.bmpHalyna Novozhenets 1.bmp

November 2011

Ivan Shavel, Curative plants of Ukraine

Rozvytok LLC was the founder of Ivan Shavel edition Curative Plants of Ukraine. Publisher: BaK company, Lviv.

The book Curative Plants of Ukraine for anyone interested in folk medicine.In this unique book are describe 872 plants of Ukraine, which have healing properties - the regional people's names, composition, principles of collection and storage, have been systematized and described. The book includes recipes and methods of traditional medicine treatment of various ailments. The terminology, some terms, especially medical, which today are little-known or even forgotten have been maintained in this publication. The book is interesting for a wide range of readers.This book is an example of tireless service to the people and a great love for mother nature and language.


May 2010

Sponsorship for the Ternopil University 

On the occasion of 50-th anniversary of the foundation of the Ternolpil Ivan Pul’uj National Technical University and 165 years from the birthday of Ivan Pul’uj, Rozvytok sponsored publication of the University Book "Temple of Science and Knowledge". 

-  Ternolpil National Technical University is one of the 20 best universities among 200 higher educational institutions of Ukraine of the IV accreditation level (

Ivan Pul’uj - famous Ukrainian physicist and electrical engineer, great scientist, an outstanding cultural and political figure (