Core values 

Customer satisfaction
Ensuring customer satisfaction is the top priority for us. Combining perfect service delivery, technical solutions, value-for-money with a customer-oriented approach is second nature to us. We listen carefully to our customers' requirements and always find an optimum solution for their telecommunications needs.

We profoundly reflect customers changed presales and after-sales expectations. Our sales and sales support efforts have the clear goal to provide a leading customer care on site.

Rozvytok responds to customers expectations for individual care on site


Rozvytok is highly experienced in the design, implementation and operation of telecommunication networks and solutions. We have a proven track record in building network systems and services on time, to budget and within strict quality tolerances. Upon implementation and handover to customers, we have a strong pedigree of maintaining optimal performance, which we guarantee to customers via a Service Level Agreement (SLA).


Professional aproach & team Telecommunication services cannot be provided without people. We have spent large amounts of time ensuring we have the very best people in the market - without them we could not provide or support the very best solutions.

Service quality and availability


Our customers know they can rely on our high quality and easily available services. These values are guaranteed to each of our customers, both through our excellent service and in our contracts. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, we are able to connect our customers regardless of where they are or what solutions they may require.

Technical Expertize
Rozvytok's focus as a business is to set the standard for excellence in providing high-quality global connectivity services. We employ a wide range of planning, engineering and operational measures to ensure that our network and services achieve maximum availability, and meet or exceed all other performance criteria agreed within Service Level Agreement.


Rozvytok's goal is to set the standard for excellence in service quality. We manage our network 24x7x365 and are entirely focused on ensuring that we meet or exceed agreed performance standards for all customer solutions.


Rozvytok takes and owns responsibility for all aspects of its network services. This includes the specification, procurement and provisioning of all necessary equipment as well as the logical layer service delivery and testing.


We provide Level 1 and Level 2 support to customers 24x7. It is a purpose to build and support networks by high levels of security, power and communications.


Vision & Values

Our Vision

*To be the most respected solution provider in the communications ecosystem

*Anticipating and enabling change

*Admired for technology, agility, innovation, business models and the quality of its talent


The Values that drive us:

Rozvytok is focused on creating sustainable value growth through innovative solutions and unique partnerships. Our values are at the heart of our business reputation and are essential to our continued success. We foster an environment to instill these values in every facet of our organization.

*Customer first

*Commitment to quality


*Dignity of the individual

*Good corporate citizenship


 Our Brand Promise

Rozvytok’s brand positioning highlights the success of the company which has emerged as the fast growing operator and provider of IT Solutions & Services in the Telecom space. The positioning exemplifies the performance of Rozvytok, as a success system, which is powering the growth of its customers and employees.


We are a part of the exhilarating Telecom technology space that is characterized by highly innovative, speed-of-response based solutions, delivered with agility and flexibility and the new brand reflects this true character of the telecom world. The positioning incorporates both the success of the past and the promise of the future.