About Rozvytok 

Welcome to Rozvytok...

Rozvytok LLC was created at 2001 by private investors. Company is registered according to the Ukrainian legislation by the Shevtchenko regional authority of Kyiv city.

Rozvytok is an independent operator and a consultancy company with core expertise in integrated telecommunications solutions and information technologies. 

Between West and East

Rozvytok's primary countries of operation are of the Former Soviet Union (FSU) and Central & Eastern Europe. At this fast changing and some cases semi-deregulated market Rozvytok position itself as a company “lightening” new territories and arranging telecommunication links to and from FSU. We offer our customers and partners reliable reach and accessibility within the CEE and FSU areas, achieved through our western quality and variety international service portfolio.


Special emphases in Rozvytok is made on deep understanding of regional conditions, needs and regulations, on the market research, on introduction of international companies to the new FSU/EE markets and to the opposite introduction of the regional companies to the SDH/IP/Voice/IT services of the international companies around the world.


We do believe that it is people, not technology who made the difference. Our database of contacts of the key ITC people of the region exeeds now 11000!


The Company employs and outsources highly qualified staff with deep practical experience in the industry including:

*significant contracts with the Ukrtelecom,  major ISPs, Ministry of Energy, UkrGazProm, Oil PipeLines, set of Georgian, Moldovian, Kazakh, Ukrainian, USA operators and service providers;

* co-ordination of efforts of several international/local companies for implementation of complex multi-party TelCo projects;

* connection of regional operators to Internet/Voice PoPs in New York, London, Warsaw, Stockholm, Moscow, Frankfurt.


Thanks to our highly skilled personel, Rozvytok combines global experience with local market expertise for a consistent customer satisfaction to ensure the accommodation of solutions to customer regional or local particularities.


The Company used to work on the base of Master Service Agreements (MSA), consultancy, agency and outsourcing agreements.


Rozvytok is a non-exclusive partner of several big international operators in Ukraine and several neighboring countries like Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Kazakhstan.

Recently Rozvytok was awarded by Magyar Telekom (Hungary) the status of Authorized Regional Partner.

Dr. Hanna Ostapyuk,

Rozvytok LLC Director